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Bringing your system to life!

If you suspect your home theatre equipment is not delivering you the ULTIMATE SOUND & PICTURE PERFORMANCE it is capable of, PLUS EASE OF OPERATION – just give me a call now to book your systems “TUNE-UP TO THE MAX”. Expect to be amazed at the improvement. Over 25 years Hi-Fi and Home Theatre experience. We are experts in home theatre installation.


Free Professional Consultation

At the moment we are also offering a free consultation to help you decide which system would best suit your home and needs. Please note: We do not sell any home theatre equipment, which means we are free to advise you just on the best and most suitable equipment for your situation, and what to shop for. We are constantly scanning for the best equipment deals for our customers, so you stand to save a lot, up to 30% off normal retail is not uncommon. For your Free Professional Consultation just give Leon a call on 0412334396 to arrange a time.


We can optimise your system to its full potential.

Step 1. Correct equipment placement for heat, acoustics and aesthetics.
Step 2. Correctly cable each piece of equipment.
Step 3. Optimize all menu settings.
Step 4. Acoustic alignment.
Step 5. Easy written instructions.





Our Experience

Over 25 Years Experience – With an electronic technician background and builder of hifi equipment Leon established CC’s Correct Connections as a result of increasing need for QUALITY Home Theatre and Digital TV Antenna INSTALLATION SERVICE and CUSTOMER SUPPORT.



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