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Digital TV Antenna Installation


Watching a good movie or sporting event on TV is one of our favourite pastimes, however can be annoyingly be interrupted due to:

  • Picture break up, or pixilating
  • weak signal
  • intermittent signal
  • total lack of signal
  • weather
  • trees
  • birds
  • loud cracking sound
  • a combination of the above


These are some of the common problems one might experience with poor digital TV reception. 

This does not necessarily mean a new antenna is required. Firstly a good TV antenna should typically last 10-15 years in the metro area (less along the seaboard) so what you really need is a specialist technician like Leon, who has over 25 years experience in the field and is familiar with all antennas to the present day high performance digital antennas. 

Proficient in trouble shooting, any error that you might encounter, Leon is our Adelaide metropolitan antenna specialist. He is well equipped to help you by testing the signal, adjusting existing equipment, tuning TVs, Recorders, Set Top Boxes and if required upgrade your TV antenna and/or cabling to the new digital standard. He can also provide you extra outlets and even reticulate your Foxtel to them as well. (see Pay-TV extender Systems FREE FOXTEL and Specialist Services).

If you are experiencing any of the above or suspect a reception issue with any TV in your home, just call Leon now on: 0412334396 or send a contact request.








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