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Free Personalised Equipment Purchase Advice


Home theatre, TV and equipment installation done correctly not only enhances your leisure time activities but done properly can add considerable value to one of your biggest investments, your home.

Every home is different, and needs varie person to person, room to room, as well as the continued technology advancements it can quickly become very confusing and complicated to take it all in and then decide which way to go and how to proceed.

It is for this reason we provide Free Personalised Equipment Purchase Advice to assist our customers with the most appropriate choice of equipment. At your invitation we are happy to come out, discuss what you want to achieve, provide you with recommended equipment purchase specification that will meet your current and proposed needs and requirements.


Correct selection of equipment typically means considerable savings from buying under/over spec equipment. As we are always speaking with our other clients to see where they got the best deals for their equipment we are happy to share with you. Typical recent savings in the order of 25-30%. 

We do not sell equipment nor do we have agreements with retailers so we are free to recommend what is best for you while you are always FREE to SHOP for the BEST PRICE.

As a professional Audio and TV installation technician with over 25years experience Leon is able to provide you with a wide array of services, accessories & recommendations specific to your requirements, existing equipment, new equipment requirements.

For this FREE service, all we ask that you use our installation service once you have your equipment, and just leave the rest to us. We also provide you with written instructions then show you how to use your new setup.

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