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Questions and Answers

I have bought a new home theatre system and there are wires running everywhere. Can these wires be hidden?

Yes. I can install your surround sound or home theatre cabling so that the messy cabling is tidy behind the entertainment cabinet. I can even put your TV on the wall for that seamless, cable free look.


Could I be charged more than what I agree to?

No, in most instances you will not have to pay anything additional to what you pay for the package. On extremely rare occasions customers have special requirements that are not identified or in the original scope of work. On those rare occasions the customer will be notified and must approve any additional work that will be required and any associated fees prior to the additional work being completed.


What Do You Do for Home Theatre Installation?

  • Inspect your home theatre equipment for damage or defects
  • Help you plan what should go where for the best possible home theatre experience
  • Determine if any additional work needs to be done (I’ll always tell you and give you an estimate before I start)
  • Optimise the HD picture and sound quality
  • Bundle connections behind components for a clean, sleek look
  • Test your system to ensure it performs the way it should
  • Combine remote control functions where possible
  • Give you easy-to-understand instructions and driving lesson with them
  • Clean up any job-related debris
  • Back up all work with a complete warranty

What Audio Video components can you help set up?

All of them; Televisions, DVD/Blu-Ray, Sound Systems, Tivo, Game Consoles, & PVRs, STBs, Projectors


What brands do you support?

I support all the leading Brands like: Bose, Beyonwiz, B&O, Denon, Foxtel, Hitachi, KEF, LG, Marantz, Onkyo, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Polk Audio, Samsung, Sanyo, Sharp, Sony, Strong, Tannoy, Toshiba, and Yamaha to just name a few of the many.