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Pay-TV Extender Systems (Free Foxtel) & Specialist Services


How would you like to watch your Foxtel in other rooms of your home or even outside on your Patio TV ?

Rather than paying Foxtel for another box it is possible to have your existing Fox box reticulated to your other antenna connected TVs. This is like being able to access your Foxtel including your Foxtel iQ, iQ2, iQ3 recordings for FREE (after system components installed) in other areas of your home saving the extra monthly cost of renting extra boxes.

This gives you more freedom as to where and when you can watch your Foxtel programs thus better value out of your Foxtel subscription.



Free Pay TV, Foxtel installation is a legal exercise where we split off your existing Pay TV subscription and send the same channel Free foxtel to another location. It`s pefectly safe, legal and free! (after installation)

Get the most out of your pay TV viewing by giving yourself the flexibility to watch your Foxtel more hours of the day or in various rooms of the house (where others may be able to benefit from it). After all, you pay good money for it and if you can use it to its full potential - the more value you get! 


No matter whether you have Foxtel IQ, IQ2, IQ3 or normal Foxtel we can legally distribute it throughout your home to multiple rooms for your viewing. We also can accommodate the ability to be able to change channel from that room. And we`re not talking about those unreliable - wireless a/v sender, receivers that pick up a lot of interference. 

If you already pay good money for a subscription to Foxtel, we can give you FREE FOXTEL which is just like running a really long cord from the Foxtel box to your bedroom/outdoor/the kid`s bedroom television. 

Summing Up What You Get:
  • Free Foxtel
  • Guaranteed Interference free Foxtel
  • Single or multiple extra rooms - we just tune in your TV
  • Same channel that`s on the Foxtel box
  • Perfect for when you want to go to bed to watch Foxtel
  • Don`t pay extra subscriptions for extra rooms
  • Record/Watch/Play all your Foxtel recordings included
  • Remote controllable features available
  • Easy Written Instructions

I can fine tune & upgrade your Foxtel for a better audio visual quality to your TV and sound system plus integrate your Foxtel / Satellite / Pay TV to your normal TV points for reception and control on all your connected TVs. You can receive Foxtel and Foxtel-IQ on all your TV sets connected to your TV antenna system without extra subscription fees.

Leon is our Adelaide metropolitan specialist installer having set up over 100 such systems through out the metro area.

Just call Leon now on: 0412334396 or send a contact request.






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