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TV’s - Recorders - Players once simple devices now can really do a lot of extra things. Due to wifi networked internet ability of todays “ smart” devices you can now also get the likes of Netflix, Stan, YouTube, Games, Music, Digital/Network Worldwide Radio just to name a few but these devices are many and varied in what they can do, and while one may be better at one thing it may be poor, or very tricky to use for another, or not even able to perform the required task at all.


Where can you turn to for Honest, non sales oriented (as we do not sell equipment) Independent Advice? Leon is our very experienced technician able to help you here.


In addition to Home Theatre Systems, Amplifiers and Receivers, Leon can also advise on and set-up ALL BRANDS of TVs, Set Top Boxes, Blu-Ray, DVD, HDD (Hard Disc Drive) Players, Recorders, PVRs (Personal Video Recorders) including brands like: Panasonic, LG, Samsung, Sony, Beyonwiz, Humax, AppleTV, FetchTV, Foxtel, Tbox, TelstraTV to name just a few, Plus Game Systems like PS/3, PS/4 Wii, Xbox.`

He will expertly assemble, inter-connect all your A/V equipment, program internet capable devices, download and update firmware and mobile control apps for you, and show how to use them.

For Example: Some Panasonic recorders have the ability to be remotely programmed to record using your mobile phone or tablet e.g. while sitting in an airport on the other side of the planet. Pretty cool. Some even allow you to view your recorded programs and free to air TV remotely as well, very cool especially if you travel a lot yet still wish to know what’s going on back home.

If are keen to find out which would be most suited to your needs, save time, money and frustration.

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