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Having the joy of a kick ass Home Theatre System is one thing however one complaint I quite often get is why do we need so many remote controls? If you have any combination of the following equipment:
1. TV
2. Sound System; stereo, 5.1, 7.1, 9.1 Home Theatre System
3. Blu-Ray DVD Player
4. Blu-Ray DVD Recorder
5. Foxtel
6. FetchTV
7. TelstraTV
8. Android Box
9. AppleTV
10. Personal Video Recorder (PVR)
11. Set Top Box
12. VCR
13. DAB+ Digital/Internet Radio

You, or someone in your home may be struggling to control all that equipment. Do you sometimes feel like the equipment is more in control of you than you are of it? 

How would you like to just press a button and your whole system would light up and you are in total control of it. 

We have an Easy-to-Use remote control which we just set up by activities you want it to perform, e.g:
  • Watch Foxtel 
  • Watch Smart TV
  • Watch Blu-Ray/DVD 
  • Listen To Digital Radio
  • Watch PVR 
  • Watch Netflix
  • Watch Stan
  • Watch AppleTV 
  • Front Door Camera 

Say you want to "Watch Foxtel". Just point the remote at the equipment and the remote turns on the TV, Fox Box, Amplifier and selects the appropriate inputs. The remote is laid out and works just like the Fox remote, however the volume control runs your sound system volume. 

When you want to change activities to say "Watch Smart TV” just press “Watch Smart TV” and it turns off the Fox Box, Switches TV inputs, and Amp inputs automatically. Now your remote is a TV remote however the volume operates your Amp. (see Home Theatre Installation)

Because this remote is infinitely programable we can customise virtually any A/V function to it. For example you may want the Fox box to remain on all the time because it is in use to other rooms Pay-TV Extender System FREE FOXTEL. No worries. Our experienced technician Leon has programmed many of our remotes and once programmed and tested all the Activities gives you an easy driving lesson. 

This remote is typically favoured by men and women in the 25-80 year age range. 

If you would like more info, just call Leon now on: 0412334396 or send a contact request.






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