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Wall Mounting TV Installation


The perfect, neat, secure, connected space saving solution. “ Why wall mount your TV?” you ask. There are many reasons why people have their TVs wall mounted:


1. Flat screen TVs are designed to be mounted

Let's start off with the most basic and essential reason to have your television hung on the wall: The device was designed to be wall mounted. Flat screens have specific attachable bolts meant for hanging on the wall to give you optimal viewing options. Whether your TV is an OLED, QLED, LED, LCD, Plasma, Flat or Curved screen, it was crafted with the intention of being wall mounted.




2. You add space to your home 

Having your television fixed to the wall is not only efficient, but it saves you a lot of space, freeing up the top of your entertainment cabinet. Having the extra room by putting your television on the wall creates an uncluttered look on top of your home entertainment unit and is more like a picture on the wall, separate from the entertainment cabinet and associated equipment

3. It helps prevents neck and eye strain

Wall mounting your television helps your eyes and neck since you can move your mount at an angle or tilt. This is especially useful if your mounting at a higher level above a mantle or fireplace. We make sure your TV mount has a tilting adjustment feature which will allow you to watch your TV at the correct height and angle and will reduce strain from watching at improper angles 

4. Safety

Young children pose an ever present danger from desktop TVs. Kids love to climb and the TV is like a magnet especially to young inquisitive minds. Unfortunately there have been serious injuries and worse from children pulling down a TV onto themselves and others nearby. 

So What’s involved:
Wall mounting flat panel TVs is a specialised field especially 55” screens and above. Skills and tools required not only for assembly of the bracket to the TV and fixing to the wall, but also an understanding of building structures and cabling to ensure a secure, level, correctly cabled and visually wire free installation of your Plasma, LCD, LED OLED 4k/UHD Flat panel or Curved Digital TV screen. 

Of course most TVs now are SMART internet connected devices (e.g. Android) with additional considerations to take into account. e.g. wifi signal, LAN connection and even internet via power-line if you suffer dead wifi zones around your home. 

As a technician with over 25years experience in the field, Leon saves you all of the hassle of wall mounting and connecting your TV, and leaves you with a TV simply LOOKING FANTASTIC in your room and running at its full potential. He calibrates its speakers to extract the best possible sound, optimises TV picture settings so your wall-mounted TV will be up and running sooner and better than you thought possible. He will also show you how to use your new (or retro-fitted) set up and provide you with written instructions. 

We take out the guesswork for you when we wall-mount your TV including, correct selection of the bracket, concealed wiring and installation in your home which altogether enables you to GET THE VERY BEST sound and picture it can deliver.

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